14th June 2018

3.9 Visual Analysis Notes

Domino Scene: Non-Digetic sound & Editing: 

Editing: The selection and organisation of shots into a series, usually in the interest of creating larger cinematic units. Adding music is also a great way to make it more cinematic.

Non-Digetic Sound: Sound whose source is neither visible on the screen nor has been implied to be present in the action: narrator’s commentary. sound effects which are added for the dramatic effect. Non-diegetic sound is, by contrast, all of the sounds that the audience hears but the characters cannot. This could be narration, ambient sound, “mood” music and some sound effects. This blog post will also refer to the two forms of sounds in a number of examples ranging from TV to Film to animation.

  • We hear a dramatic drumming tune that is gradually amplified through the scene with the use of editing that creates a montage of the different characters point of views.
  • Follows the young girl with glasses through a montage.
  • Follows Evey through a montage, Evey’s non-diegetic sound is a strings instrument, that builds a sense of innocence.
  • Follows V through a montage, V’s non-diegetic sound in an almost marching sound with the added effect of a deep wind/string instrument, clarinet?? Double bass??
  • Follows the Government through a montage of the different influential “players”, the non-diegetic sound in the government scenes is used more in the background rather than in your face, as it is in Evey’s and V’s.
  • The montage follows people and or objects rather than just a storyline.
  • In the montage of Larkhill, the building aspect of the non-diegetic sound is removed and it changes to the deep wind/string instrument.
  • Domino part of the scene, all build up music stops and soft piano keys start playing.

Final Fight Scene:

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