21st February 2018

16/02/2018 Notes

  • Dystopian fiction
  • fundamentalism
  • counter- modernist
  • assertive + violent (hanging, cattle prod)
  • They are ‘the chosen’ or ‘the saved on a special mission for god’
  • public marks of distinction, women dressed in certain colours showing a social hierarchy, with the commander’s wives at the top of this hierarchy.
  • There are only one religion and one correct way of life, and these ways must be defended. if you do not follow these rules you will be persecuted (or worse).
  • There is a holy book to which literal obedience is mandatory. law and authority come from God.
  • Female sexuality must be controlled and clear boundaries must be established between men and women. (including marriage, reproduction, abortion, and access to education.)
  • Sexual behavior is a major concern, as well as the woman being controlled, homosexuality is outlawed.
  • fundamental and nationalism converge, (Gilead is the fundamentalism state)

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